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authority at growing a brand from an unknown sample to an established name ~ wizards with major department stores and boutiques ~ gurus for small to medium size footwear companies

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From the intricacy of product setup and vendor compliance to the tedium of order entry our work force will integrate your operation and reduce cost.

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Quality Logistics Outsourcing work force allows brands to focus on production and sales.

Savants in supply chain management for footwear, apparel and accessories with maturing revenue models of any complexity.


Credit Approval

Credit Approval

  • • Update order decisions from the factor
  • • Non-factored, will research and advise credit worthiness utilizing credit references and published D&B ratings
Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

  • • Charge credit cards with customer approval when orders are ready to ship.
Factor Assignments

Factor Assignments

  • • Send daily assignments of invoices to the factor


  • • Create and send invoices daily via e-mail, EDI or mail
  • • Verify and apply shipping charges
Online Store Management

Online Store Management

  • • Upload products
  • • Monitor inventory levels and orders
  • • Level one client communications
Order Entry

Order Entry

  • • Data entry(Orders, Terms, Stores, etc..)
  • • Match EDI to bulk orders


  • • Monitor receipts, start dates and credit approvals to allocate and release orders to the warehouse
  • • Reserve inventory for future orders or specific drop ship programs
Return Authorization and Credits

Return Authorization and Credits

  • • Issue return authorizations to customers
  • • Notify warehouse of the expected return
  • • Issue credits based on actual returns
Warehouse Coordination

Warehouse Coordination

  • • Release pick tickets, RAs and expected factory receipts to warehouse
  • • Communicate daily expectations for shipping/routing per orders that have / will be released
  • • Communicate special projects
Customer Service

Customer Service

  • • Assist sales team with verifying order price/quantities/styles/availability
  • • Fill out customer setup forms
  • • Work with customer web portals (i.e. portal, Tradestone, Zappos portal, portal etc.)
  • • Analyze orders versus production
Compliance Management

Compliance Management

  • • EDI setup coordination and monitoring
  • • Compliance chargeback review
  • • UCC128 label creation
  • • Communicate special requirements to the factory
  • • Communicate routing and labeling requirements to warehouse and factory
  • • Upload of EAN/UPC code to GXS and Intertrade catalogues


  • • Enter receivables / payables
  • • Reconcile monthly factory and bank statements
  • • Coordinate with factory regarding collections for past due invoices
  • • Send AP report weekly and make approved payments (with access to account)
  • • Send monthly Accountant Copy of Quick Books file
Accounting systems

Accounting systems

Left Foot Software seamlessly integrates with the most popular accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks. Manage the complexities of Footware and Apparel Left Foot Software while retaining all the and booking keeping and Accounting feature of QuickBooks. Mobile Sales App Generate line sheets, place orders, view availability, see customers statitistics on your iPad.

About Us

From production to delivery to customers, logistics and support for growing brands, that don’t want the growing pains.

Quality Logistics offers qualified staffing and exceptional service combined with Left Foot Software technology to improve visibility, aid process-efficiency, and meet customer demands for real-time information.

How important is it to your business to spend more time on product development and sales?

Other reasons to outsource include:

  • achieve customer service improvements
  • gain access to global capability
  • increase flexibility
  • benefit from ecomomies of scale
We are dedicated to the success of small to medium size footwear & accessory companies, with 100’s of years of collective experience growing a brand from an unknown sample to an established name in major department stores and boutiques.

Staffing and running an office and warehouses can be costly and time-consuming. Quality Logistics simplifies and maintains for a truly successful outsourcing solution. Quality Logistics is prepared to work on a real partnership basis with experienced qualified staff that scales with the growth of your business.

Left Foot Software


Our partner Left Foot Software offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, smart solution to managing the technology needs of footwear and apparel companies. Designed to easily track inventory, financials and compliance using your Apple or Android device.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) are costly and time-consuming. Left Foot Software simplifies and maintains becoming the GLUE that connects your company with other industry standard packages for accounting, POS systems, Online Stores, and EDI gateways at a price that matches the scale of your business.

Warehousing Partners

Quality Logistics provides warehousing to clients using our services. We also have relationships and can interface with third party warehouse systems for larger volume operations.

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